Spinning / Weaving Subsidy Scheme

Spinning and weaving artisans of the state are given wages as per costchart and type of weaving through Institution / cooperative.

    Over and above following are being given by State Government;

  • Subsidy of Rs. 100/- (for student only) for Charkha in Peti Rentia.
  • Special Spinning Assistance Rs.1/- per Hank on hank production beyond the fixed wage is paid to the General and Scheduled Caste Artisan.
  • Special Spinning Assistance Rs. 1.50 paise/- per Hank on Hank production beyond the fixed wage is paid to the Scheduled tribe Artisan.
  • Beyond the fixed Weaving charges Special Weaving Assistance Rs. 3/- per sq.mtr. and Rs.1/- is paid according to weaving equipment assistance to the Weaving artisans for General and Scheduled Caste beneficiary by the State Government.
  • On woven sq. mtrs. Scheduled Tribe beneficiaries are given Rs. 4/- per sq.mtrs. as a special weaving assistance and Rs. 1/- Weaving Equipment Assistance beyond fixed weaving by State Government
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